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Welcome to East Carolina Velo Cycling Club! We are based in Greenville, NC. and interested in all things concerning the sport of cycling. Club members organize and lead rides to help promote fitness and social awareness. The club organizes group trips to area races, mountain bike rides, and centuries. We encourage all members to participate in cycling related events. We are a club of volunteers so please think about how you can help and do so often.

2014 Cotton Country Century

2014 Coastal Carolina Off Road Series

The 2014 CCORS MTB race series was another HUGE success.  Thanks to all the riders, spectators and of course sponsors of this series.  It was really a great year.  Look for details on the 2015 season to be announced in the late fall...

Weekly Rides

Saturday Morning Ride:
-South Central High School -- Times vary (See Road Riding Forum)

Sunday Morning Ride:
-South Central High School -- Times Vary (See Road Riding Forum)


Monday Ladies (No Drop) Ride from Cotanche Bicycle Post 
Starts @ 5:30pm


Tuesday Ride from the church at Ivy and Portertown 
Starts @ 5:30pm
Thursday Ride from Cotanche Bicycle Post 
Starts @ 5:30pm

Check out the routes here.
Simple suggestions for safe paceline riding.


      !! NIGHT !!   Rides -- 8:00 pm (occurring "occasionally")
    See Weekly Rides for more info and contacts to check on status. 



    Upcoming Events
    Upcoming Events