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For Exec Committee, 2009 club jerseys & sh...
Mark P.
Don't know if you guys (the Exec Committee) have made a decision on the club gear for 2009, but thought I would post one site that "may" be an option -- Mt. Borah Custom. Check out their Website to design your own club jerseys and shorts. The website is:

Take a look at one idea I put together on their site...
-- Choose the jersey called "Leader"
-- For Color 1, choose "Cream"
-- For Color 2, leave at "White"
-- For Color 3, choose "Clover"
-- Click the button that reads "Match bottom colors (To Top)"

--Then, click "Logo Placement"
-- For team name, enter "EC Velo" and choose "Script" for the Font it in Position "I"
(You can also put other logos, such as club sponsors in the different positions. There may be a max, I don't know.)

I was just trying it out and remembered last year, someone said they wished the jerseys had more of a "classic" look. Someone else mentioned they would like to see the color change to green, b/c of "Greenville". This design sort of falls under those ideas.

You can do alot of different designs and colors on this site...and its easy!! I've put together a couple more that are a little more current and "flashier" that look cool. Someone else could probably come up with something else that may look better. Like I said, I was just trying it out and thought this may be interesting to you guys on the Exec. Committee.

Mark Pike
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