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Mountain Biking

Trail work and building day on Sunday
It is long past time that we work towards building back some trail miles that we lost last year with the new logging.  Let's take advantage of the great weather we are still having and build some trail to enjoy this summer!!

A small group of us are planning to ride the trail in Sunday at 1pm and then work on a new trail to connect up to the old graveyard section that is still in existence after the logging last year.  Trail work will probably start around 2:30pm, meeting at the Creek Loop entrance.  I believe there is a little repair to be done on the section by the creek due to the rains yesterday so we might work on that as well.  We will be maintaining social distance while working and not sharing tools!  If you have any large loppers, trimmers, a sturdy rake, or small shovel, please bring them.
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