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I have not been able to find any way to look for members with dead email addresses.  When we send out mass emailings we get some feedback about the number of these cases, but that is really it.  The forums are really up to the member to keep track of unfortunately.  For example, when new members join, they are by default (for SPAM laws) not actively subscribed to any of the forums.


I will contact ClubExpress and see if they have had any email issues lately that would cause this.

- Ryan

EC Velo VP - MTB
Bicycle Post Team Member
I just logged into the ECVELO website and discovered that I have been kicked off the message boards. I went to profile and noticed a message about my email address being listed as invalid or incorrect. I reactivated the address so I will see if I start getting posts.

One possible reason listed is messages hitting a spam filter. I review messages in my spam filter so this could not have been the cause.

Is there a way for an administrator to see how many members are not receiving posting via email due to this or other reasons?

Russell Boyce
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