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CCORS race #1 summary
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I just wanted to send out a quick email and thank all of you members that supported the race yesterday!  It was a banner event for EC Velo and the Bicycle Post Trails in that we had 114 registered racers, vs. our previous max of 98!  These numbers along with all of the sponsors that we have for the series this year (including our two local shops the Bicycle Post and Babits Bikes!!) mean that we will bring in a large chunk of money for the club and for the trail this year.  This is great news as it will allow us to keep supporting the trail and maintaining it so that it remains one of the top MTB trails east of I95!

A lot of people helped out in many ways to make the event possible.  I want to personally thank Bob, Chris, Eric, John, Sharon, Jenna, Kate, Mark, Katherine, Susan Keel, Nate, Moneen, and Danny.  Thank you all for helping me put on this event and allowing me to compete in it as well!

We will do it again in a couple months (April 21st), so for any of you who missed this race (either as a racer, spectator or volunteer) please mark your calendars and come on out, it should be even better than this last one!

- Ryan
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