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Cotton country century
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To all ecvelo members...the cotton country century is coming up on September 23. We are planning tentatively on using the same routes as the last couple of years... 30, 60 and 100 mile routes. So, we'd like to ask members to start thinking about volunteering to work the event. We are going to need people to work the registration desk at the start of the ride. The folks can probably plan to go out and ride. We also need folks to work at test stops. As a reminder , there are three stops.... The 30 miler has a stop at about 15 miles. These folks need to be available between 9 and 11 am. There is a stop at 40 miles, which is also the 80 mile stop for people doing the century. So, these folks will need to be on site from about 10:30 to about 3:30. There is a 60 mile stop and these folks have to be there from around 11:30 to about 2:30.
If are are able to do any of these activities please contact me ASAP ( Or maybe you can persuade friends of family to help out.


Paul Gares
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