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Thank u ECvelo leadership and cotton country volun...
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As we all get ready to enjoy a fully sagged and supported bike ride tomorrow with a pre-ride party at Pitt Street tonight, a well-marked course, and an after party want to say thank you to the ECvelo leadership for putting on this event and to all the volunteers for their time and energy.

In order for us all to blissfully pedal (ok I’m sure there are some out there that will race and try for a sub 4 and 5 hr. finish) the course, club leadership has been meeting and working behind the scenes for months. Also in the last 24 hrs and next 24 hrs dozens of volunteers will give freely of their time and energy to feed and water us, support us, and help us on our way.

Big THANK YOU to longtime Club Leaders and their families without whom there would be no club and no cotton: Matt Long, Sue Raedeke, Ryan Danell, Catherine Gardner, and Chris Davenport.

Also, THANK YOU to club volunteers who have been long time supporters of ECvelo events many of these folks (and others I have not included, please forgive me) have worked to set up the event and/or will dedicate their day tomorrow to helping us all and altruistically give up a fun day of bike riding to support us all.

Todd Hall

Mark Milburn

Steven Hardy-Braz


Barret Gardner

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