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Road Riding

April 10, 2021- Lil Washington (Rachel K’s) loop 4...
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Where: Boyd Lee Park 5184 Corey Rd, Greenville, NC 27834

Meet Up at 9:45

Roll at 10 am


Temp: 72 degrees

Wind: 7 mph SSW with gust up to 14 mph

Pace: 18-20 no-drop - There may be some sprints for county line signs, but this is a no drop ride that will gather periodically at stop signs.

Disclaimer: Speed depends on may things- wind, heat, humidity, bike position, hydration, fitness, age….  so pace is hard to predict. Also, if a bunch of hammers show up, it always ends up 21 mph out of the parking lot. Hope on this ride is to keep it between 18-20 but the group needs to self-govern itself while allowing the folks who showed up expecting 18-20 to coexist with the hammers. 

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